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January 11, 2007

One Duck

Posted in: Improv Games

This week’s improv game is a great one for building up those concentration skills. Whether we work with spoken lines, lip synchronization, choreographed moves, or assisting another puppeteer, it is important that we are able to remain focused even when things get silly. Unlike some of the other featured games, this one does not require a large space in which to move around. Gotta love circle games!

Set up. Gather your group into a circle, either sitting or standing. Prepare your players for a concentration game and introduce them to the following pattern:

One duck, two legs, quack
Two ducks, four legs, quack quack
Three ducks, six legs, quack quack quack

Action. Go around the circle, each player saying one word in the pattern. Continue until someone stumbles or misses their word.

Variation. Why not try the same game with different creatures that have a different number of legs? Like:

One dog, four legs, arf
One bug, six legs, chomp
One octopus, eight legs, squish

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