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Video Monitors

Unlike traditional stage performance, video puppetry provides the performer with immediate knowledge of exactly what the audience will see. But working with monitors is a skill that takes time to acquire. Whether you’re looking at television puppetry, webcast performance, or simply recording clips to use in children’s church, you’re going to need to know how to use monitors.

This blog is based on my “Working With Video Monitors” hands-on workshop presented at the 2006 I-Fest and is designed to encourage you to try new things, unleash possibilities, explore limitations, and discover the benefits of developing new skills. Grab a puppet and a camera and have fun!

Lesson 1: The Basics
Lesson 2: Practice 01 - Reversed Image: Crossing the Street
Lesson 3: Practice 02 - Reversed Image: Color Test
Lesson 4: Practice 03 - Reversed Image: Lean Off Me
Lesson 5: A Word About Focus
Lesson 6: Practice 04 - Focus: Harrumph
Lesson 7: Practice 05 - Focus: Harrumph Harrumph
Lesson 8: Exit Techniques
Lesson 9: Practice 06 - Focus Plus: Exit Stage Left
Lesson 10: Practice 07 - Focus Plus: Me–No Me
Lesson 11: Learning Boundaries
Lesson 12: Practice 08 - Boundaries: Memory Lane
Lesson 13: Practice 09 - Boundaries: I’m Invisible!!!
Lesson 14: Practice 10 - Boundaries: Merry Pop-Ins
Lesson 15: Practice 11 - Boundaries: Everybody Loves A Parade
Lesson 16: Near & Far (COMING NEXT)
Lesson 17: One Step Forward (Coming sometime after next)

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