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By Amy Harder

This week’s improv game is a classic. It’s always fun to see what players come up with when asked to become inanimate objects! Use this exercise as a good physical warm-up as well as an opportunity to challenge players to be aware of each other and perform as a group.

Set up. This game should be played in an open area that is free from chairs, tables, and other obstructions. Gather your group around you on the floor, then explain that each person is to become a big kernel of popping corn. You might also explain that the floor is a giant pan full of oil that is slowly heating.

Action. It’s time to make popcorn! As the pan heats, the kernels can wiggle and roll as the hot oil bubbles around them. When the kernels are ready, it’s time to pop! (Don’t give too much direction here, allow the players to think and discover how they should show the action and what position they should assume after they have popped.)

Remember, this is a group game. The popping should start gradually, then increase, before it stops altogether. The game may need to be repeated until all the kernels are working with each other.

Variation. What might happen if the pan is left on the burner? Heh heh…



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