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Fruit Basket

By Amy Harder

I first played this oldie-but-goodie as a get-to-know-you exercise at college. It’s a nice warm-up group game that requires a bit of concentration and creativity.

Set up. Gather your group into a circle and have everyone sit down. It’s up to you whether you would like everyone to sit on the floor or on chairs. Select one player to be “it” and have that person stand in the middle of the circle.

Action. The game begins when the “it” person calls out a term or phrase that could be used to describe all or some of the players in the circle. Possible descriptive phrases could refer to clothing, hair color, likes/dislikes, gender, etc. As soon as a phrase is called out, each player in the circle that matches the description stands up and quickly finds a new seat. (The “it” person should also try to get a seat.) The last person standing is the next to be “it”.

Variation. The game is called “Fruit Basket” because–at any time–the “it” person can opt to call “Fruit Basket” which causes every person in the circle to get up and find a new seat.



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