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Follow Your Nose

By Amy Harder

One great reason we play these silly drama games is simply to warm up our muscles. But don’t think that physical tension is the only thing that will hold you back in performance… we need to do things that help us break through some of our inhibitions and be free to flow.

This group game can be used as a fun warm up, but it also will force the players to be silly. It’s great fun as well as a challenge to think and respond creatively. Get your muscles moving and have fun!

Set up. This is not a standing-still kind of game. This is a wander-about-the-room game. You’ll need an open area free from obstructions. Instruct the players to silently mill around the room and listen for instructions.

Action. Now, tell the players to keep wandering, but pretend they are being led by their noses. Then call out another body part. Have them follow something else. Then something else. Just before things get out of control, suggest the players follow something really odd… like their spleens (or other internal part).

Variation. This is a great game to bring into the world of puppetry. After your group has played this game themselves, tell them to grab puppets and repeat it, this time with their characters. And don’t neglect the puppet body parts that usually are not part of most stage puppets… like their big toes. That’s always interesting.



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