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Circle Sitting

By Amy Harder

This week’s drama game is one that frequently shows up at youth camps as well as drama classes. It is a fun group game that encourages team building, unity and trusting others. Use it as a warm-up then take the opportunity to talk about the importance of a team working together–if one person is out of synch, the whole group suffers.

Set up. For this group game, gather into a very tight circle facing the center. (Here’s hoping everybody used toothpaste and deodorant!) Now have everyone turn to their left and take a step towards the middle of the circle. Your team members should be really close to each other now… if they’re not, this won’t work. Remember, this is a team building exercise… ya’ can’t be afraid to get close!

Action. On the count of three, have everyone sit down. THIS HAS TO BE DONE TOGETHER! Now with everyone sitting on the knees of the person behind them, you have a unified–if not giggly–structure.

Variations. If you have a large group, try splitting into two smaller teams and see who can hold their sitting circle the longest. Or my personal favorite: Try to make your circle walk! If everyone steps with the same foot at the same time, you can get your circle rotating. It’s pretty impressive.

Wrap-up. So, what does this have to do with drama improv? Not much… exactly. But warm-up exercises and group games that force your team members to cooperate can be really good morale boosters, team builders, AND they’ll help your group feel more comfortable working with each other.



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