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Bippety Boppety Boo

By Amy Harder

This article is part of a series exploring improv games that are particularly beneficial for puppeteers in a team setting. So if you’ve just linked in here, you might want to check out the Improv Games index for more fun.

This week’s improv game feature is a classic with many variations and iterations. It is a good warm-up for your puppet team rehearsal as it encourages silliness (let go of those inhibitions) and it forces the players to concentrate and learn to respond quickly.

Set upSet-up. Gather your group into a circle with one person in the middle. Everyone should be standing up, away from chairs and tables. Small groups will need to widen their circle to allow room for the player in the center to spin freely.

Action. To begin the game, the ‘it’ person in the center should close his eyes and spin around. This person can stop at any time he wishes, open his eyes, point to the person directly in front of him, and then he must quickly say, “Bippety boppety boo”.

Now, as soon as someone has been pointed to, that person and her two neighbors must create a unified object/animal with their bodies (see the ideas below) before the ‘it’ player has finished saying “Bippety boppety boo”. Whoever fails to finish their part becomes the ‘it’ spinner in the middle.

Here are some animal ideas:

A bunny - The person in the center holds up two paws; the two people to the sides each make one ear.
An elephant - The middle person becomes the trunk; the side players each make one big elephant ear.
A stork - The middle player extends both arms out front for the big beak; the side players each become one flapping wing.
A cow - The middle person makes an udder; the side players create horns.

Variations. I’ve also played this game by creating a car with two wheels and windshield wipers, a drummer playing bongos, and a buoy in the water. There are lots of other objects and animals you could create. It’s up to you! Just remember that each object must be complete… each bunny should have its ears attached, each bird should have both wings in order for the creation to count.



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