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A Personal Update

By Amy Harder

Back in June I posted a few pix of puppets I had been working on for I-Fest. Well, here we are eight months later and I finally got the caricature puppet in the same room with his inspiration. Whaddaya think?

Phil Vischer and puppet

The man is Phil Vischer. He’s the puppeteer (and brains) behind the silliness on the wildly popular web series, The Jelly News; he wrote the book that I puppet-ized last summer–for which I made this particular puppet; oh yeah, and Phil created a little thing called VeggieTales.

Phil was kind enough to drop by the Chicago Puppet Festival last weekend where I was able to introduce the two Phils and snap this picture.

Thought I’d share. :)



7 responses to “A Personal Update”

4 03 2008
Aaron (12:25:12) :

Thanks for posting the picture! I wish I had been paying enoug attention to grab one myself!

4 03 2008
Amy Harder (20:45:17) :

No prob. It was good to c u there, Aaron. Tanx for all your help! :)

7 03 2008
Scott Eash (12:38:37) :

So… which one is the puppet and which one is the man?

7 03 2008
Amy Harder (13:10:54) :

“Will the real Phil Vischer please stand… oh wait. Only one of you has legs.”

But really, Scott, you can tell ‘em apart because the man has more gray hair. (Ooh, did I just type that?)

8 03 2008
Scott Eash (07:54:32) :

The puppet is a good likeness though.

16 03 2008
Jason Rhode (09:25:52) :

Love the puppet Amy!!

5 04 2011
Rob Vischer (20:01:30) :

Hilarious! I like the comment that says, “So which one is the puppet and which one is the man.”

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