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Day of Puppetry in Denver

By Amy Harder

Puppets on Display

Today was the 8th Annual National Day of Puppetry. Fun puppet events took place all over the country, but I got to take in a few of the activities sponsored by the Mile High Puppet Guild that took place here at the Englewood Public Library in Englewood, CO.

Puppets on Display

There were puppet making workshops and puppet shows all day long at the library. I got there just in time for Ed Casey’s class on Mouth Puppets where about 15 kids and their parents (or grandparents) built cute moving mouth rod puppets with construction paper, tape, a drinking straw, and yarn.

M'El's Shadow Puppets

After the workshop, M’El Reum performed a fun shadow puppet play called “The Rat’s Mother-In-Law”. The little storytime room was packed for the show and the kids seemed to really enjoy the Q&A time at the end where they got to see some different styles of puppets up close. At the end of the day there was a prize drawing and one little girl got to go home with a very nice hand puppet of her own.

M'El and MarionetteM'El and Rod Puppet

Thanks to Kate O’Kami of Monkeyshine Puppets for telling me about the festivities.



One response to “Day of Puppetry in Denver”

27 07 2007
Andrea (02:08:42) :

this is great! I also found this video of how to do the Rabbit hand Shadow
pretty cool the video is here:
if you have more stuff like this please share it


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