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Heeere’s Andy…!

8 05 2007

PuppetryLab is pleased to announce our newest contributing author… master puppeteer, writer, illustrator, and funny man… Andy Holmes.

Gerbert and Andy Holmes

Andy’s most notable projects seem to have revolved around an immensely cute and extraordinarily funny little orange headed puppet named Gerbert. The TV series based on this character was named by TV GUIDE as “one of the top ten children’s shows for preschoolers” in March of 1994. Andy has worked with amazing people like Kermit Love and Nikki Tilroe. He’s also a writer and illustrator, and he frequently teaches and performs at puppet festivals across the U.S. Now he’s going to be sharing his insights here at PuppetryLab!

Personally, I’m thrilled to see what Andy’s going to share. When I sat in his “Little Things Make a Big Difference” class fifteen years ago, he challenged me to a level of excellence that improved my performance and expanded my whole approach to puppetry.

So watch for Andy’s posts… they’ll be in a new category to the right, “Ask Andy“. Enjoy!

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