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About: Site Details

General Site Details. PuppetryLab.com uses WordPress technology and features the Freshy 1.0 theme by Julien De Luca. We’re also running the following plugins: Event Calendar 3.1.1, podPress 7.6, Adhesive 3.2, Bunny’s Technorati Tags 0.5, Random Quotes 1.3, Snap Preview Anywhere Plugin 1.2 , Subscription Icons 1.02, Global Translator 0.5, Gregarious 2.0, WP-UserOnline 2.10, Category Visibility 1.1.b9, and No Self Pings 0.1. The site is hosted by Christian Web Host and is being developed by Amy Harder.

Video Details & Credits. The Training Vids were produced with iLife 06 on my happy little iMac Core Duo. The puppet in the Double Rod Manipulation post was from Arms Length Productions. The puppet in Clapping was from Puppet Productions and was one of the first stage puppets I ever purchased. The little pink girl in the Swimming clips was–I think–an old one from Train Depot.

Misc. For best viewing of this and all sites, try Firefox. It totally rocks. Oh, and if you’re wondering about the cute little blue-haired, orange guy staring you down on every page (and now featured in the Exit Techniques post), he’s from PJ’s Puppets but since they only do one-of-a-kinds, you can’t have ‘im. But you might be able to find something else like him there. Tell ‘em Augie sent you.

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