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PuppetryLab.com is here to provide beyond-the-basics training and practical helps for puppeteers, puppet teams, and team directors. It is the brain-child of puppeteer Amy Harder. The site was developed after Amy realized that there’s lots of information available for beginner puppeteers, but precious few resources designed to challenge performers to master their art.

The training videos section is designed to provide detailed, visual demonstrations of manipulation skills in short, easy-to-swallow bites. New vids should be uploaded every week or so, and will be podcasted for easy viewing.

Drama games are included to warm-up and challenge puppeteers to develop skills in drama and improvisation. New games will be added every week or so, and your suggestions are always welcome!

The video monitors section is a unique training course designed to help puppeteers play their way to excellent monitor skills. Puppeteers are encouraged to methodically progress through the lessons in order and take as much time on each as needed.

There is also a Puppetry Events section that lists festivals, workshops, and other puppetry training opportunities by location. All events are also listed chronologically in our calendar that shows up on every page of PuppetryLab.com.

And for the techno-geeks, we’re including a Site Details page for info about how this site was built. As always, contact us with questions or comments about our site. Thanks for your suggestions and patience as we grow this site. We’ve got a lot of nifty ideas for future additions and improvements. We hope you’ll enjoy the progress!

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